Arte Pro creates programs that show strong scientific evidence of having the greatest positive impact on children. These focus on the development of cognitive skills, emotional health and social capacities.
We conduct our own research in collaboration with specialists in mental and emotional health, child development, and neuroscience.
According to Nobel Prize winner PhD. James J. Heckman, cognitive skills are important determinants of socioeconomic success. So are socio-emotional skills, physical and mental health, perseverance, caring, motivation and self-confidence.
Life cycle skills training is dynamic in nature. Motivation fosters skill and skill fosters motivation. If a child is not motivated to learn and participate in early life, it is more likely that when he or she becomes an adult, they will fail in social and economic life.
Arte Pro’s approach to creative development and mindfulness provides tools for self-reflection and introspection, creating a space for personal dialogue and awareness that promote self-reliance, self-respect, respect for the opinion of others, critical and practical thinking. Children in the program develop synthesis and consensus capacities, self-esteem, as well as socio-emotional skills that allow them to become powerful change agents.
One of the main objectives of Arte Pro is the evaluation and measurement of the impact of its programs on the emotional and psychosocial development of the participants. According to the World Bank, which highlights the need to evaluate the social impact of projects in order to be successful, “the main challenge to carry out effective impact evaluations is to identify the causal relationship between the project, program or policy and the results of interest.” In the absence of pre-existing systems, Arte Pro created its own metrics model for social programs based on and recognized by the World Bank’s social impact assessment guidelines. 
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