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ArtePro The Program

ArtePro The Program

Arte Pro empowers people with whom a minimum of humanity makes a huge difference. Since 2014 we work with groups in extreme vulnerability such as children born in prison or other life-threatening conditions.

Learning processes during childhood are fundamental for development and have long term effects. What happens during childhood will will have lifelong consequences that affect their education, behaviour, crime incidence, and professional success. Children facing vulnerability due to their reliance during formative stages and the violation of their human rights, that grow in an environment that impedes their development will experience issues related to discrimination, exclusion, and social margination throughout their lives. Domestic violence, poverty, and the lack of knowledge about their human rights raises their chances of other rights being violated.

  • Mexico is the 6th county with the highest penitentiary population in the world. There are 207 inmates per 100 thousand inhabitants.

  • Aside from being overcrowded to 400%, the reality in prisons doesn’t correspond to the  Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners by the United Nations. Everyday their human rights are violated.

  • The number of convicted women grows exponentially every year and with this, the number of children growing in absence of their parents because they are in prison.

  • Only 35% of female inmates are located in centers for women.  88.7% are mothers.

  • Inside prison, their lives are full of abuse, violence and drugs. They are mistreated and have excessive punishments. Medical care is insufficient and there are irregularities in the preparation and distribution of food.

  • Apart from living in a context that impedes their development, there is no budget nor adequate installations for all the babies and children in prison. They sleep in their mothers’ beds and eat from their food. There is only one school per 10 penitentiaries.

  • In Mexico, there are approximately 13,000 children in this situation. According to statistics, roughly 80% of these will end up in the same place as their parents.

We have been working with children in this situation since 2014 and as of 2017 we want to start working with their mothers in prison. Here you can find more information about the program and our methodology.

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